The Puzzle Ring

Getting a puzzle ring can be a fun and interesting wedding ring, friendship ring or accent piece. Puzzle rings have a long history. They date back hundreds of years. In fact, they were used thousands of years ago by the Egyptians.

Puzzle rings are essentially complex bands of metal interconnected to form a single band. They can range from two to twelve bands. Some puzzle rings even feature precious stones.

The puzzle ring has been around for hundreds of years. Its origins are not exactly clear, but it may have originated in the Middle East. In the modern day, puzzle rings are more likely to be made of gold or sterling silver. Aside from their fun aesthetics, puzzle rings are also a perfect metaphor for the interconnection of life.

The simplest puzzle ring is the three-band ring. The six-band and eight-band versions are also common. These rings are often soldered together or can be fashioned in the traditional style.

The Puzzle Ring is a mechanical piece of jewelry that requires the right tools and a steady hand. It can be tricky to put together, but with practice you can solve the puzzle in a flash.

The puzzle ring has long been associated with the Turkish royal family, but its origins are disputed. During the Renaissance period, puzzle rings became more popular. They were often given as wedding rings to a bride and groom.

The most elegant of puzzle rings are usually adorned with precious gemstones. Some even come with solving directions.