The Puzzle Place

During the 1990s, “The Puzzle Place” was a popular children’s show. The show featured a diverse cast of puppeteers and non-Muppet performers. It taught children important lessons about friendship, music, and culture.

The Puppet Show follows a group of multiethnic children, and their adventures in a puzzle place. The show includes a pet cat and dog named Sizzle and Nuzzle. The animals are usually involved in a subplot.

The show is produced by KCET in Los Angeles. The series is based on Montessori philosophy, and emphasizes child-centered development. It is designed to help children improve their self-esteem. It also teaches important life lessons.

The Puzzle Place has received two awards for its content. It won the UNIMA Citation of Excellence for Recorded Media in 1996. The show also aired in countries like Brazil, Israel, and Israel Educational Television. It was also aired on Kids Station in Japan. In addition, the show was also released on VHS by Sony Wonder. The puzzle toys and other materials encourage cooperative play amongst children.

The series also includes a super telecomputer called Weebus. This computer can perform automated tasks and can play video clips. The Piece Police, a group of puzzle inhabitants, are also present in the puzzle place. They mostly grumble rather than speak. The show is also notable for its use of diverse American backgrounds.

The show also included a wide variety of guest performers. Some of them were Jim Martin, Alison Mork, Carmen Osbahr, Noel MacNeal, Matt Vogel, Ben Olafson, Jody Silver, and Stephanie D’Abruzzo.