New York Puzzle Company

Featuring over 15 licenses including a nod to the classic Peter Rabbit, the New York Puzzle Company is a jigsaw puzzle company that’s been around since 2007. The company’s flagship product is the New Yorker jigsaw puzzle, a 1000 piece version of the famous NY City subway map.

Using recycled chipboard and soy inks, the company’s puzzles are eco-friendly and sexy looking at the same time. The puzzles are a great way to spend family time together, while also being constructive. The company’s puzzles are also great for cognitive development, especially for young children.

In addition to the New Yorker jigsaw, the company also produces a variety of other puzzles from the traditional to the ultra high-end. The company’s products are sold in the US and around the world. They are also good for the environment, using recyclable chipboard and shrink wrap for packaging.

The company’s most innovative products include the 3D jigsaw puzzles of popular TV shows like HBO’s Game of Thrones. The 3D jigsaw puzzles are not only fun, but they can also be very helpful for cognitive development, particularly for young children. The company also produces a line of witty jigsaw puzzles, such as the Classic Peter Rabbit.

The company’s tiniest puzzle, the Tidbit, is also still in stock for Christmas delivery. The Tidbit jigsaw puzzle has a 500 piece version and is recommended for ages eight and up. The puzzle is also made from recycled chipboard, which means it’s not only green but it’s also a very sturdy piece of jigsaw puzzle ware.