Jigsaw Explorer

Using Jigsaw Explorer, you can play jigsaw puzzles online. This web application uses Microsoft Silverlight technology, which makes it possible to play puzzles in web browsers. This is a new type of puzzle game.

The Jigsaw Explorer web application allows you to select from thousands of beautiful jigsaw puzzles. It also allows you to save a puzzle in progress. In order to save the puzzle, you need to have your browser cookies enabled.

When you play a jigsaw puzzle online, you can see the movements of the puzzle pieces in real time. Jigsaw Explorer also supports multiplayer jigsaw puzzles. This means that you can invite others to play with you.

Jigsaw Explorer also allows you to save puzzles, which are based on photos. This allows you to complete the puzzle later. You can also change the background color and rename the image file. You can also delete the image file if you wish.

When you first start playing a puzzle, Jigsaw Explorer toggles the rotation of the puzzle pieces. This can be paused by clicking on the Open button.

You can also change the number of puzzle pieces in advance. This can be done by clicking Modify this puzzle. You can also capture and release multiple jigsaw puzzle pieces by pressing the Ctrl and Shift keys. This option is useful if you want to work on edge pieces first.

You can also change the background color and if you wish, you can delete the image file. If you do not want to save the puzzle in your browser, you can also save it to your desktop.