How to Solve the Inscryption Clock Puzzle

Trying to solve the Inscryption Clock Puzzle can be challenging and confusing. This guide will show you how to solve it and uncover the secrets hidden in the clock.

The Inscryption Clock Puzzle is one of the more difficult and devious puzzles in the game. It can be tricky to figure out where to put each of the hands. This is one of the most important puzzles in the game, as it is the key to the player’s escape from the cabin.

To solve this puzzle, you will need to unlock the cabinet and open the safe. This requires a three digit combination, as well as a large key. Once this is complete, you can explore the cabin. You will also need to solve a combat puzzle. This is similar to the card combat found in the game.

Inscryption is a deck-builder game that also includes puzzles. It combines a horror adventure with deck building mechanics.

The game is based on card-based combat and card-based positioning puzzles. You can also solve puzzles between rounds. The game is available for PC. It has been nominated for The Game Awards in 2021.

This game also includes a talking companion. It encourages you to explore and discover. Besides the usual roguelike features, Inscryption also has a cuckoo clock.

The cuckoo clock is an important part of the story in Inscryption. It also allows players to find a new eye, with a blue glow. This eye can be used to solve other puzzles. The player will also need to find a stinkbug card. Getting this card can help you unlock the Caged Wolf card.