Giving You a Chance to Win One of Two $1 Million Puzzles

Whether you’re looking for a fun challenge, or just want to win some cash, MSCHF is giving you a chance to win one of two $1 million puzzles. The puzzle is comprised of 500 colorful jigsaw pieces stitched together to create a QR code, which you can scan with your smartphone or tablet. There’s a lucky number of codes for each puzzle, ranging in size from 250 to 600, which can be redeemed by anyone 18 years or older. There’s also an impressive online platform that lets you enter your prize code and claim your prize.

MSCHF is a next generation street art collective, and they’re giving you a chance to win one of their puzzles. They’ve teamed up with 1M Puzzle, LLC, which is located at 62 Bayard Street in Brooklyn, NY 11222. The puzzle itself is made of 500 rainbow jigsaw pieces stitched into a colorful QR code. The best part is that it’s a fun challenge and can be completed by anyone 18 years or older. It’s also a good present idea, and can be purchased for under $25.

The MSCHF One Million Dollar Puzzle is a nifty piece of kit. It’s a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle with a unique QR code. The code can be scanned with your phone or tablet and will direct you to a website that has all the information you need to redeem your prize. If you win, you can choose to receive your prize via PayPal, Venmo or a printed check within a few days. This type of puzzle has actually been referred to as a lottery ticket by some. There’s nothing better than winning something rather than just purchasing it.

The 2 Million Dollar Puzzle is a 500-piece jigsaw with a similar concept. It also has a QR code, but it’s a little more complex than the one on the One Million Dollar Puzzle. It’s also a little harder to complete than your average jigsaw, but it has a lot to offer, like a chance to win real cash prizes. If you think you’ll be interested in purchasing one of these puzzles for yourself or as a gift, there are plenty of online stores selling them for less than $24. In the end, everyone wins something. The puzzle is a fun challenge, and it’s the perfect gift idea for a youngster or adult.

The MSCHF One Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle is the latest in a series of MSCHF puzzles, and it’s a fun way to earn your piece of the $1 million prize pool. It’s also a pretty cool product, and it’s definitely the most impressive of the series. The company is giving out two puzzles, and one will win you $1 million, while the other will win you a cool $25,000. You can find both puzzles on Geeky Gadgets Deals, and they have affiliate links.

The MSCHF One Million Dollar puzzle isn’t for everyone, but if you are looking for a fun challenge that will keep you entertained for hours, and you have a smartphone or tablet, it’s worth a look.