ED puzzle – The Ninja Teacher’s

ED puzzle is an online video editing platform that allows teachers to create and share videos. They also provide an easy to use tool that allows teachers to engage directly with their students. Using ED puzzle, teachers can track and analyze student progress. They can also collaborate with other classes.

Using Ed puzzle, teachers can create interactive videos and add multimedia features. These features include audio tracks, questions, and comments.Ed Puzzle allows users to find high quality videos from websites such as Vimeo and Khan Academy.

Ed Puzzle also provides teachers with a curriculum library of curated videos. They can also create videos and export them for use in other classes. Using Ed Puzzle, teachers can add a voice comment, narration, and assessment questions to their videos. They can also crop personal videos or web-based videos.

Using the Ed puzzle website, teachers can create an online class for their students. They can add quizzes to the class, assign videos, and see student responses.

Ed puzzle provides teachers with five million videos to choose from. They can also find videos from famous platforms such as YouTube and National Geographic. The site offers a free plan for teachers. They can also subscribe to the Schools and Districts plan, which provides teachers with unlimited access to the site. Using Ed puzzle is a great way to promote student accountability.

Ed puzzle is a great formative assessment tool for teachers running a flipped classroom. Its interface is easy to use and it is packed with curriculum-specific content.